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What our patients say about Healthwell

“I AM A LONG DISTANCE BICYCLE RIDER and in very good physical shape with the exception of arthritis in my spine that gives me major discomfort throughout the year. My wife researched at least 5 different PT groups, after meeting with Mindy and her staff and getting a better understanding of what HEALTHWELL could offer me, she suggested that I enroll in a rehab program.

After numerous sessions with other organizations, Healthwell is and remains the ONLY group that has helped me alleviate my discomfort and pain thru patience, and expert understanding as well as knowledge of the human anatomy. I have learned so much about my body as well as how to live a pain-free life. THANK YOU HEALTHWELL.”
— HB. E., San Francisco

“THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF PHYSICAL THERAPY EXPERIENCE I'M USED TO. These people talk to you! Better yet, they listen to you! Coming here has been an incredibly positive experience. Beyond ending my pain, it has taught me so much about my body and how to keep it pain-free.

I've had two other experiences with physical therapy, both which basically consisted of the therapist handing me a faded photocopy of stick figures doing exercises and then telling me to go off into a corner to do them.

At Healthwell, they interviewed me thoroughly about my pain, lifestyle and goals. Then, they created a balanced plan to end my pain and teach me good habits for the future. Two therapists alternated treatment with me, providing hands-on attention and constant communication. For the first time I experienced Craniosacral therapy and the Feldenkrais Method, both of which were revelatory.

I hope I never have to go to physical therapy again, but if I do I know exactly where I'm going. I strongly recommend you go there too. Bonus: parking is a breeze.”
— Maureen G., San Francisco

“AFTER A YEAR OF INCREASING DISCOMFORT IN MY RIGHT ARM, decreasing range of motion, and growing disbelief that I could be suffering some early onset of arthritis, I had the good fortune to seek physical therapy under the supervision of Karen Hodges.

Karen understood immediately upon an initial consultation/diagnosis that I had a "frozen shoulder," which I now know to be adhesive capsulitis. Karen took the time to explain the causes for the pain in my shoulder and upper arm, the physical impediments creating the limited range of motion, and, most importantly, the steps to restoring my quality of life. Within a relatively short time, an intensive regimen of active manipulation of my arm and shoulder, strengthening exercises, and Karen's encouragement and positive attitude were making a huge difference. I even got to point of "high-fiving" at sporting events - something that I had shied away from because of the pain that would wrack my shoulder.

I suspect that Karen's superb conversational and listening skills were a ploy on her part to distract me from her very hands on efforts to improve my range of motion. Regardless, it worked and I enjoyed each and every one of our sessions immensely. Karen's professionalism, physical and communication skills, upbeat personality, and warmth were outstanding. As my therapy sessions came to an end, I had a much greater appreciation of the frailties of the human body, what I needed to do keep it fit, and whom to call if I ever needed a reminder or pep talk.

Karen, I truly believe, is a miracle”
— Rodney J., San Francisco

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HEATHWELL. I've been to a lot of physical therapists in my short little life. This is the 1st place that has ever helped me!

I have Ehlers-Danlos (the Hypermobility Type) and this clinic has an interest in Hypermobility, which is beyond awesome. I've had so many practitioners tell me that my uber flexibility is great, but HEALTHWELL is well versed in the toll is can take on the body. All of their practitioners are knowledgeable about it and know just how to relieve my pain without aggravating it. They also take a full body approach to treatment, which is perfect for me. They look not only at bones and muscles and exercises, but how the nervous system works to cause a slew of other symptoms and how your entire physical body is working and connecting. It's so refreshing.

Mindy is extremely knowledgeable and is perfect both for treatment and brainstorming.

This place is perfect for chronic illnesses. It takes a lot of work but it's absolutely worth it. I can't cure what I have, but HEALTHWELL is teaching me how to function better and it's working. You can tell when you go there, they see you as a whole person, not just an aching body part. They really care about their patients.”
— L.S., San Francisco

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Last week, I could barely walk, because of a back injury at work. My doctor recommended HEALTHWELL, for physical therapy, so I gave them a try. Two sessions and I am feeling as good as new. All of the staff that I dealt with were helpful and professional. There is plenty of parking outside on the adjoining (Gough) street.
— Richie S., San Francisco

“I HAVE BEEN GOING TO HEALTHWELL FOR MANY YEARS AND THEY KEEP GETING BETTER. Mindy Marantz and her staff never take anything for granted. They are constantly learning and applying the latest and most advanced techniques. They are good listeners and they take your problems seriously. Most important, they try to cure you or teach you ways you can help yourself -- so you can eliminate your pain and get on with your life. These are people you can trust! I give them my highest rating.”
— Martin C., San Francisco

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